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Flog A Log is an independent family business, based in the heart of Worcestershire. We are proudly woodsure certified suppliers of our premium kiln dried firewood logs, and also supply smokeless coal and kindling to private domestic homeowners and small retail outlets across
Worcestershire, west Warwickshire, south Birmingham and surrounding areas.

We take pride of having high repeat custom, resulting from:

• our determination to supply products that are of the best quality and ready for use
• value for money
• efficient delivery timescale
• a friendly service with time taken to offer information and knowledge to customers on all aspects of fuel, chimneys and fires/stoves for first time users, or give reassurance and an understanding on using your appliance correctly and efficiently

We only supply kiln dried premium beech hardwood logs. As a woodsure credited supplier, we
only sell our logs with a moisture content of less then 20% (average of 10-15%). Beech hardwood
gives a higher heat output and has a longer burn time then other species of hardwood and
All of our firewood is sourced from sustainable management programs. We have teamed up with a
supplier, where a continuous replanting scheme is undertaken, ensuring a sustainable future for
the environment and our customers.
our logs are cut to an average length of 8’-10’ suitable for most open fires and stoves.

Pros and cons of unseasoned wood



They take longer to burn

They take longer to light and have a small flame (if at all).

The energy that is produced is drying the moisture out of the wood instead of giving a high heat output.

It will need more logs to reach the optimum temperature (if at all) for the appliance to operate properly.

• This results in:

1. false value for money
2. a potential build up of tar and creosote in the chimney/flue which causes
chimney fires

Pros and cons of kiln dried wood

Easy to light and have a bright flame
They reach optimum temperature quickly; therefore, the fire is:

1. Burning more efficiently

A. As a result the gasses and burnt particles will clear the chimney pot and
will not hold in the atmosphere and reduce environmental impact.

B. Any natural residue in the wood and burnt particles are less likely to
produce a build up of tar, reducing the risk of chimney fires. They will
instead produce a fine powdery soot, which is easier to be swept.

2. Producing a higher heat output, for your benefit
• As a result from the above, the fire requires less fuel to be burnt to gain the same heat output. Therefore, is more economical and better value for money in the long term then unseasoned logs!

Initially more expensive

Faster burn time; however, you will have more heat produced from the appliance then needing to refuel as often.


To help reduce costs and emissions to a minimum, we try our best to deliver your order in a practical geographical route with fellow local customers together. We will however, always aim to deliver your order within 5 working days.

If safe and easy access is possible, we make every effort to leave your order in the most convenient position for you.

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